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Do I need to use IWAS?

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All educational partners will eventually have an IWAS account for doing eBusiness with ISBE.  Within the next year or so, the only way for customers to submit most applications for grants and claims will be through IWAS.  Below is a representative list of IWAS users:

  • Personnel from school districts
  • Personnel from colleges, universities, special education cooperatives and other not-for-profit entities
  • Child Care Sponsors
  • Non-Public School Administrators
  • District Superintendents
  • Regional Superintendents
  • ISBE personnel

District Superintendents, Regional Superintendents, Child Care Sponsors, and Non-Public School Administrators have been issued administrative IWAS accounts.  These administrators authenticate IWAS users, authorize access to ISBE systems and approve system documents.  Anyone can sign up for an IWAS account, but authorization for ISBE system usage is granted or denied by your respective District Superintendent.

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