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Why does ISBE ask for my personal information?

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Having an IWAS account identifies who you are to your district superintendent, regional superintendent and ISBE.   Each ISBE Internet-based system in IWAS requires information unique to that system.   In IWAS, ISBE maintains a personal profile for you with contact information such as your name, phone number and email address.   ISBE and your superintendents need this information so that you can be contacted in case any questions arise regarding any documents that you submit through the Internet. In addition, most ISBE Internet-based systems need to know your district and/or school code.  Your profile information is shared by all systems listed in IWAS.   If your phone number ever changes or you transfer to a different school or school district, you only need to change your profile in one place.

Also, if you ever forget your password, you may need to provide your login name and answer to your secret question.  If you forget your login name you may need to confirm your personal information with one of our Customer Service Representatives to regain access to your account. To contact ISBE, please click on the 'Contact Us' link on the left menu from the IWAS home page.

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