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How does IWAS work?

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Historically, ISBE educational partners submitted documents to ISBE on paper.  Sometimes these documents required the physical signature of an administrative district or regional superintendent.  IWAS allows you to submit documents over the internet and all approvals are done electronically.  IWAS is essentially a secure document management system that collects and stores all data electronically.  

IWAS significantly improves communication at all levels and provides a more efficient process for everyone involved.  Associated with your IWAS account is a personal email Inbox.  Anytime an approval or denial of your document occurs, you will get a message in your inbox telling you that the event took place.  This provides you with instant feedback at all levels of approval.  You can also tell IWAS to send all of your messages to an external email account so that you can get a 'tickler' outside of IWAS when something happens to your documents within IWAS.

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